The time I didn’t know I had

Before my children were born, I used to stay up so late and go to so many events outside of my house. I'm an introvert, so these events were things like museum exhibitions (so quiet), art galleries (so quiet, so pretty), and film festivals (not quiet, but full of fellow nerds who didn't want to talk to me).... READ MORE

Decorating a nursery

Before my first daughter was born, I decorated her nursery entirely in Snoopy-print stuff I got online at great expense from the USA. Oh, it was all so cute.... READ MORE

When there are no words

For most New Zealanders, the afternoon of Friday 15 March began as just another regular afternoon. I was in the office looking at proofs of our next issue of Tots to Teens. My children were at school and childcare. My friends were at their respective workplaces, homes, community activities. ... READ MORE

Trying (and failing) to get rid of baby clothes


Sweating, and swearing, through your summer pregnancy

I saw a meme on social media the other day that said, "Welcome to your summer pregnancy, where breathing makes you sweat." I misread that last word as "swear", not "sweat"... READ MORE

O Christmas bump, O Christmas bump…

This morning I was at an appointment when I had a brush with fame. Okay, more like, I saw someone famous from a distance. I was pushing my baby in her pram, making sheep and cow noises as she laughed hysterically, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a bump.... READ MORE