4 reasons you need a 3-wheel stroller. Multi-taskers, rejoice!

Mountain Buggy 3-wheel buggyWhen it comes to choosing a pram, one of your first decisions will be whether to go with a three-wheeler or the more traditional four-wheeler. Here are four reasons why three wheels might be the way to go – thanks to our friends at Mountain Buggy, who know a thing or two about choosing the buggy that’s right for your family.


One-handed manoeuvrability and handling

Sipping a latte on your morning perambulation? Having a quick chat on your mobile while your little one snoozes in style? Or jogging along with a weight in one hand while pushing with the other? Multi-taskers, rejoice! If you love the idea of one-handed navigation, you’ll find a three-wheel stroller easy to push thanks to its perfect weight distribution and 360⁰ swivelling front wheel. And when you’re travelling across terrains where you’ll encounter bumps, you can lock the front wheel into a straight-ahead position to give you more control over the ride.

Tip: Be sure to compare the push of both a three-wheeler and a four-wheeler in-store to find your preference.

Mountain Buggy 3-wheel buggy


Love that lightweight fabric seat

A Mountain Buggy three-wheel stroller’s seat has a lower centre of gravity, which allows your child to sit snug inside of the frame at the right height – not too high or low. This lower centre of gravity contributes to the pram’s easier pushing, and lends better balance and stability. Fabric-seat buggies are much lighter, as there’s no need for extra metal around the seat unit (like with other prams that have a separate modular seat). There’s no fussing around removing the seat from the frame before you fold the pram for storage, either – just fold with the seat still attached, and slide it into the boot of your car. Best of all, the seat reclines to a fully flat bed, so you don’t need a separate newborn cot unless you really want one. (And it’s great for toddlers who fall asleep on walks too!)

Tip: The lower centre of gravity also delivers lighter “kerb pop”, meaning you don’t need to put a lot of effort or weight into popping the nose of the pram up to get over the kerb.


Bigger wheels mean a better ride

Except for the MB mini, all three-wheel Mountain Buggy strollers have big 30.5cm (12-inch) tyres, which give a much better ride, steering, and performance on all-terrain surfaces from common city footpaths to kerbs, parks, shops, beaches, and rocky off-road hills. So you can push your pram almost anywhere, easily!

Tip: The terrain stroller comes with both 40.6cm (16-inch) and 30.5cm (12-inch) wheels, giving you even more optimal performance.


Air-filled tyres for all-terrain adventure

Remember when you were a kid, riding your bicycle with its air-filled tyres after graduating from a plastic or metal trike with hard plastic wheels? No other type of wheel comes close – air-filled tyres offer real bounce and superior cushioning over every terrain, especially when coupled with the stroller’s excellent suspension.

Tip: If you’re taking your buggy on a plane, let some air out of the tyres. Pressure can build up mid flight and your buggy’s rims may not be able to take it!


Get the right three-wheel buggy to suit your lifestyle

Mountain Buggy has a range of three-wheel buggies to suit every family. Whether you need something ultra-light and tailored for the city (MB mini), light and compact that can go off-road (swift), an all-rounder that’s engineered for the urban active (urban jungle), a buggy to keep active delivering maximum control and performance (terrain), or an urban active inline to take one or two kids (+one), there is an option that’s perfect for you. Visit Smiths City to test Mountain Buggy’s full range of three-wheel buggies. 


Thanks to our friends at New Zealand-designed Mountain Buggy for giving us all the juicy details on their cool three-wheel stroller range.Check out the full range at Smith City

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