Art on wheels: We review a special edition pram with artistic flair

When is a pram a work of art? When it’s inspired by the millennia-old Chinese painting technique of ink wash, like this Mountain Buggy nano special-edition print “Mischief in the Meadow”.

Celebrating the Year of the Rat 2020, Mountain Buggy’s fifth special-edition print “Mischief in the meadow” is inspired by the millennia-old Chinese painting technique of ink wash. A “mischief” – the whimsical word for a group – of rats plays in a midnight meadow of flowers in this stylish art piece portraying optimism, quick wit, and resourcefulness through the lucky colours of gold, green and blue.


Travel stress-free

Keep calm and carry on! If you’re new to travelling with children, take our pro tip: Choose a pram you can roll through the airport and straight onboard the plane. Mountain Buggy nano is an award-winning travel stroller that folds compactly and can stow in the overhead luggage compartment. Keep your child comfortable right up to the moment you transfer them from pram to aeroplane seat, and be ready to stroll straight off at the other end.


Travel in comfort

Navigating busy terminals, gates, security, and endless queues will be easier (especially if your child is tired!) as the nano reclines, and has a 20kg weight limit so you’ll be able to transport older children with ease. Newborns can even lie flat with the soft-shelled cocoon accessory if needed. It’s the only travel pram you’ll need from birth to toddlerhood.


Travel tips from the pros

Whatever the duration door-to-door, travelling can feel stressful when it doesn’t have to be. Now you’ve got the perfect buggy sorted, try these pro tips for travelling with a child:

  1. Allow plenty of time to check in so you don’t feel rushed.
  2. Where possible, book flights around your child’s sleep time.
  3. Make sure your child is well fed and hydrated and pack their favourite snacks to take onboard.
  4. Bring their favourite books, cuddlies, toys, and doodle pads. Sing songs and tell stories – distraction is everything! We’re not above a bit of bribery, either – reward good behaviour with small treats.
  5. When onboard, be sure to walk the aisles every once in a while to stretch their legs – and yours!

With some user-friendly gear and a game plan in place, you’ve given yourself the best chance for a successful trip. Bon voyage!

Mountain Buggy’s fifth special-edition print “Mischief in the meadow” available at Babycity

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