5 reasons you NEED this portable cot in your life

Phil&ted's traveller portable cotSometimes a super-special product catches your eye – that favourite piece of baby gear that you rave to your mum tribe about. Without going on too much (you know I always want to!), here’s why this handy “phil&teds traveller” (portable cot)  has topped my list of must-have baby products.


1. It’s lighter than the baby, baby!

When it comes to baby gear, size really does start to matter – especially when it feels like you’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink to get out the door for the day (or for a holiday). Try to save space whenever you can with each baby item, and choose double-duty equipment when possible. Portacots are great to have, as they provide a familiar and safe sleep space for your little one wherever you go. Like people, they come in a wide range of sizes and weights. One of the lightest is the phil&teds traveller. It’s only 2.8kg and packs down to the size of a yoga mat.


2. Invest in years of use

Enjoy interacting with your baby high and up close from birth with a traveller bassinet accessory. A traditional bassinet for your newborn can be quite costly for only a few months’ use. Invest in the long-term with this clever accessory that simply attaches to the legs of your phil&teds traveller portacot. Use it from birth and let baby co-sleep with you right next to your bed. When your baby is older, you can continue to use the full-size traveller up to three years. Its zip-down side makes it easy for you to be right beside your child as you settle them to sleep.


3.  Enjoy sleep & play versatility

Sleep promotes growth and you can expect your child to get over 20,000 hours of sleep in their first three years of life (although I know it doesn’t seem like that at times). And while a comfortable and safe sleeping environment is key, you can double the use of a portacot like the traveller by using it as a playpen! Ideal for babies on the crawl, you can keep them entertained and contained in a safe space and in sight while you get some hands-free time (or at the very least, time to take a shower by yourself, do some washing, load the dishwasher, drink a cuppa while it’s still hot…).


4. Stay indoors, or go outdoors

Portacots should be easy to transport – from room to room, house to house, and from indoors to out-of-doors. Picnics with family and friends, camping trips, playtime in the park, or chilled-out afternoons in the backyard can all be made easy with a phil&teds traveller. It’s compact, light and easy to lift from place to place, and has a mesh cover accessory to keep out pesky bugs.


5. Catch some zzzz’s!

With a good sleep apparatus chosen, you’re ready to master the art of putting your baby to sleep, so that you can rest too! For night-time sleep, ensure your baby is fed, bathed, massaged, and cuddled in a quiet, warm room with low lighting. Once your baby’s drifted off to sleep, it’s finally time for “me time” – even if that just means falling asleep fully clothed on the sofa in front of the TV. Hey, maybe phil&teds needs to make an adult-sized traveller too…



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