50 ways to prep for your new baby

Whether your due date is tomorrow or two months from now, it’s never too late to start getting ready for your baby’s arrival. Here are 50 helpful tips from other mums to get you started.

1 Wash all of your baby’s clothes and organise them by size so the smallest ones are most accessible to use first. ~ Angela

2 Do a dry run to the hospital or birthing centre so you know how long it will take to get there. Try at different times of the day so you know what traffic is like and if there are some alternative routes you might need to know about. ~ Shannon

3 Get the nursery painted and decorated! Although hire someone for the painting and heavy lifting (or assign those tasks to your partner). ~ Donna

4 Clean out your car! Trust me, you won’t want to bring your newborn baby home in a car that’s full of stuff. If it doesn’t belong in there, get it out. Vacuum the whole thing while you’re at it. When your baby arrives you’ll want every environment they’re in to be clean and tidy (for the first little while, at least). ~ Sharon

5 Buy a set of reusable 500ml or 1L water bottles and have them filled in the fridge at all times. This way you’ll always have one to grab and you will stay hydrated. Breastfeeding is thirsty work and it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. ~ Kelli


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