Choosing your baby’s birthplace

Thinking of having your baby at home, or would you rather head for the hospital? Erin Harrison explains the three options available for giving birth to your baby.

We’re told a lot of things when we get pregnant. Things we must do, things we can’t do, and plenty of opinions on just about anything else that has to do with pregnancy, childbirth, and looking after a baby. But do you know what? The only person that has to give birth to your baby is you! And that’s why the decision as to where you would like to bring your bundle of joy into the world is completely and totally up to you.  

Don’t let anyone pressure or bully you into having to go anywhere you don’t feel comfortable because, except on medical advice from your healthcare professional, the choice is yours. 

Here are your options, and unfortunately, no – having your baby on the beach in Rarotonga while sipping on a mocktail is not one of them (I know, because I asked).


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