The pregnant mama’s guide to dental health

“Gain a child, lose a tooth” is an old wives’ tale that warns of your unborn child leaching calcium from your teeth in order to grow its own pearly whites. While that’s not quite how it works, dental care is important for pregnant women, as Tiffany Brown explains.

When you become pregnant, you become responsible for creating a little human being, right there inside yourself. Amazing, isn’t it? What you might not realise is that your pregnant body will prioritise your baby’s needs for growth and development ahead of your own. (Just when you thought your swollen ankles, morning sickness, and forgetfulness were punishment enough!) Your baby’s nutrition requirements can be drawn from where they are available in your body in order to grow their little body inside you.

Vital nutrients like calcium, phosphorous and other minerals may literally be pulled from your bones in order to supply your infant. This drain on your body’s resources, combined with massive hormonal changes during pregnancy producing increased blood flow, can make for a tough time for your mouth and teeth. Gums may be sensitive, swollen, inflamed, and tender to the touch, while tooth pain and sensitivity are also common. Hot and cold foods can trigger or worsen these sensitivities, and many pregnant women may experience gum disease and an increased likelihood of tooth decay. SUBSCRIBE HERE AND READ THE FULL STORY

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