ready set push: the first stage

The first stage

The first stage of labour is the longest stage, lasting six to 36 hours! Within this, there are three separate stages... READ MORE
ready set push: the second stage

The second stage

When your cervix is fully dilated to 10cm, and you feel the urge to push, you’ve entered the second stage of labour... READ MORE
ready, set, push: the third stage

The third stage

You’d think that labour would be over now that your baby has emerged, but there’s one more stage, which can take up to an hour.... READ MORE

Ready, set, push

Okay, maybe labour isn’t exactly a party – but it is a special, exciting event! The three stages of labour are a natural process designed to guide your baby into the world... READ MORE

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Month 1

Wow, you're pregnant – congratulations!... READ MORE