10 pregnancy facts

From why twins could in fact be half-brothers or half-sisters, to why you need to monitor your baby’s movements ... here are 10 facts about pregnancy you need to know!... READ MORE

Mums & tums

Good nutrition is vital during both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Here, we run through some of the main dietary things you need to know... READ MORE

Breastfeeding an allergic baby

The symptoms of food sensitivity can appear at any age, including in newborn babies. Some of the most common symptoms include colic, reflux, and eczema and then later, recurrent ear infections ... READ MORE

A father’s role

Having a supportive partner in the first few weeks and months after your baby’s birth can make all the difference. Here are some things that dads can do to help share the load... READ MORE

Dealing with mastitis

Breastfeeding is indeed a labour of love, with one in three of us lactating mums suffering from mastitis at some point as a consequence of our commitment. Mastitis is an infection of breast tissue caused by a blockage in one of the milk ducts. What can we do at home to avoid or treat it?... READ MORE

Life in the fourth trimester

Have you heard of Harvey Karp’s theory of the Fourth Trimester? According to him, the secret to a calmer and less colicky newborn could be as easy as following 5 simple steps... READ MORE