We love hearing your birth stories!

Here’s what we’re looking for in a story.

Tell us in your own words:

1. What the lead-up was like

2. How the birth went – give us all the details, especially the heart-warming ones!

3. What you felt afterward, when you met your newborn.

Each month we’ll draw a winner and send you a prize to say thanks for sharing.

To share your story, email our editor Katherine at editor@bumpandbaby.co.nz with your birth story and one photo of you with your newborn – we love seeing the first photo of you and your baby after they were born!

We may edit your story a bit to fit our style, but we won’t change the details (except to remove identifying info). Your story will be shared in one of our monthly e-newsletters, on our Facebook page, and on our website.

Image courtesy of Inspired Photography