4 smart decisions first-time pushchair buyers need to make

If you’re expecting a new baby and starting to invest in all the gear they’ll need, a pushchair will be at the top of your list. After all, a pushchair will give you (and your baby) much-needed mobility, from walks in the park to strolls around the shops. Here are four smart ideas from our friends at phil&teds to make the whole experience much more efficient – so you are sure to get the pram that suits your needs.


1. Just say no to big and bulky

Many families make the classic error of springing for a full-size, fully featured stroller right from birth, only to discover a year later that what they really need is something half the size and half the weight.

Think about when you’re likely to use the pushchair. Is it so big and bulky it’ll take up too much real estate in your car’s boot? Will it go where your lifestyle takes you? Is it light and compact enough to handle on your own when you’re out with your baby?

If you’ve already invested in a behemoth of a pram and you need something a bit more compact, it might be time to invest in a handy second stroller – many parents have more than one!

Or if you’re still at the start of your pushchair-buying journey, keep this in mind: You’ll be pushing around toddlers for far longer than you’ll be transporting babies, as they grow up quickly. You’ll use the stroller for two to three years with one child, and six plus years with more than one, and at some point they will most definitely want to climb into and out of the pushchair themselves. So think about how it will grow with your family!



2. Invest in a second stroller that’s lightweight and compact

When you’re running quick errands where you have to pop out of the car with your little one, you want a pram that’s lightweight and easy to use – yet functional. Forget puzzling together bulky parts in the carpark while juggling your baby and nappy bag at the same time. Go for a lightweight, compact, yet fully featured pram like the phil&teds go™ buggy. It packs a punch in a teeny tiny package – you get the lightness of an umbrella stroller, but with way more functionality.

At only 5kg, go™ is newborn-ready with a multi-recline sling seat that goes from upright to lie-flat, which means it’s great for napping toddlers, too. You can add a cocoon accessory for a snug and cosy ride, and the universal travel system belt lets you clip on a car seat too. Best of all, it folds compactly with one hand – no juggling necessary


3. If you only buy one pushchair, make it a fully functional one

If you’ve only got the budget for one pram, that’s okay – you’ll just need to be savvy about your choice. The smart™ buggy is a great option that will take your child from birth to toddlerhood, with its roomy, handy sling seat that reclines to lie flat. The seat sits snugly inside the frame for perfect weight distribution, making it easily manoeuvred and stable.

It’s also travel-system ready with a phil&teds alpha car seat and its adaptors, or you can add a cocoon accessory for your newborn, making it easy for you to lift your resting baby in and out. As your little one grows, they can enjoy further comfort with an extended leg rest and a huge sunhood that expands.

And you can enjoy the hand brake, puncture-proof tyres (no flats!), a massive 10kg storage basket, adjustable handlebar, and a self-standing foot fold to pack your smart™ buggy down compactly. It’s a great all-in-one pushchair.


4. Go on, opt for all the bells and whistles

Love the idea of a parent-facing seat? Want that classic carrycot-on-pram look for your newborn, without having to buy a separate carrycot accessory? Fit for a royal baby, you can have all of these features in just one stroller with the mod ™ buggy. It’s compact and fancy enough to give you everything you need with no regrets!

The four-in-one modular seat is newborn-ready – with a quick flick and flip, you can change the buggy seat to a lie-flat carrycot style to rest on and off the buggy. Then, from around four months (or when your child has good neck and back strength), you can convert the seat from carrycot mode to a parent-facing seat and continue to enjoy those special parent-and-child moments. Later, the seat can flip around to face the world to keep your ever-curious toddler entertained. With custom fabric that’s inspired by the classic modernist art movement, it’s seriously stylish too.


Thanks to our friends at phil&teds for sharing their expertise with these great tips for buying your first pushchair. Happy strolling!


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