Breastfeeding and working: Getting the job done

Lucia from BreastfeedingNZ shares with us her precious tips on how to combine breastfeeding and working. 

Many of us choose to or need to return to work while we are still breastfeeding. And let’s face it, breastfeeding can be hard work. We mums know the time that we put into it, and the skills required to reap all the rewards breastfeeding can offer for both mum and baby. While we have not done the research in New Zealand yet, in Australia, the 44 million litres of breast milk produced each year is worth $3 billion Australian dollars to the economy (Dr Julie Smith has crunched the numbers). 

Of course, managing breastfeeding and/or expressing and working can be a juggle at times. Thankfully, there are plenty of things in place to help make this transition easier. This includes legislation to protect and support breastfeeding in the workplace… SUBSCRIBE HERE AND READ THE FULL STORY 


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