Help For New Māmās: The First Feed

Kia ora, beautiful hapu māmā, we know how eager you must be to finally meet your pēpi (baby). You will soon begin your own very unique journey together. If you choose to breastfeed pēpi, breastfeeding will soon become one of your main focuses. 

As you welcome your little one to this world, you will discover that breastfeeding can be very fulfilling and sometimes challenging. So before you start reading this article, remember these few words:

  • Every mother and baby’s journey will be different.
  • Breastfeeding is a skill, and sometimes needs a lot of practice.
  • Whatever you feed your pēpi, breastmilk or formula, they will be nourished!
  • All women deserve lots of support, especially when breastfeeding. Surround yourself with whānau and professional help.
  • You. Are. Amazing. Māmā!

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What else will you find in the article?

  • The first 72 hours 
  • What if the first feed doesn’t happen at birth?
  • Colostrum & cluster feeding
  • What if my milk doesn’t come
  • Helpful hints 
  • Responsive feeding 
  • Breastfeeding positions