Nutrients for a healthy birth and postpartum

Food, glorious food. But what on earth should I eat when I’m pregnant? 

Honestly, I was bummed out when I learned pregnancy is not actually an excuse to “eat for two”. If I was going have to give up wine and coffee, it seemed a cruel punishment to deprive me of those extra calories I’d seen my favourite “pregnant” actresses wolfing down in movie and TV shows. (Hollywood has much to answer for in the pregnancy and birthing stakes, but that’s another article.) 

In all seriousness, it’s important to keep your weight gain in check during pregnancy. Besides anything, millions of mothers would agree that landing on the other side of pregnancy with a whole lot of extra weight is not an ideal scenario either. Pregnancy health advice tends to focus on appropriate weight gain, but what about the various nutritional components that support a healthy gestation? 

Looking back at my first pregnancy, I feel like I lived on a steady diet of mandarins, steak, and cooked spinach… SUBSCRIBE HERE AND READ THE FULL STORY 

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