Our Cover girl: “Ready to Meet You”

Juliette Perkins chats body changes, pregnancy emotions, and her hopes and dreams for her little one.

Kiwi model Juliette Perkins has had a stellar career working all over the globe – Australia, Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles – but the Nelson-born beauty has returned home with her partner, professional footballer Myer Bevan, for a very special reason – to welcome their first baby!

“Myer and I were living in South Africa earlier this year and we decided to try and conceive. I was fortunate to be able to become pregnant quickly and we were both over the moon,” says Juliette. “I had taken a pregnancy test each week over the course of about five weeks. All were negative, until the one that wasn’t! Although I was excited to see two lines on the pregnancy test, it was still an initial shock; I told Myer, shaking and crying. There’s the trying-to-get-pregnant feeling, and then there’s the I’m-actually-pregnant feeling!”

The self-professed “social butterfly” has been in her Auckland lockdown bubble with her partner in the lead-up to her due date with Myer’s family, feeling “super-grounded” and excitedly awaiting the arrival of her little girl. Lockdown as well as a few pregnancy ailments has certainly ensured Juliette slowed down during her pregnancy, but each stage has been quite the ride – as she explains when we caught up with her, just four days shy of . . . SUBSCRIBE HERE AND READ THE FULL STORY


What else will you find in the article?

  • How Juliette is finding pregnancy
  • How her scans and appointments have been
  • How she is finding the body changes 
  • Being stuck in lockdown despite her love for travel
  • What Juliette’s hope is for her birth experience 
  • What kind of mama she hopes to be