How to cope with pregnancy in the summer heat

When the weather is warm and balmy, and summer is in full swing, being pregnant in the heat can be incredibly uncomfortable. Here’s how to cope. 

Get off your feet

Swollen legs and feet are common, particularly towards the end of your pregnancy, and are often made worse during hotter weather. Minimise your misery by elevating your legs and feet whenever you’re sitting down, or pop your feet into a tub of cool water, and be sure to wear comfortable shoes to support your feet when standing or walking.

Reduce salt intake

While sodium is an important chemical element that works to regulate the temperature and pH levels in your body, too much salt can cause you to retain water, leaving you feeling puffy and swollen. Called oedema, fluid retention causes swelling in your hands, feet, and ankles, and only gets worse as summer heat rises. Don’t overdo it on your salt intake  – a teaspoon a day is as much as you need. Check the salt content in processed and packaged foods, and drink plenty of fluids to flush out excess water and help keep cool… SUBSCRIBE HERE AND READ THE FULL STORY


Image: Thanks to Caylie: photographer: Liv Buchanan


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