Week 3



The test is still showing “negative” or “undecided”, but you are definitely pregnant. There is more blood flowing to your breasts, so one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that you may be able to detect towards the end of week three is a change in your nipples. You may also detect an increased amount of vaginal discharge, possibly with a bit of spotting – this is usually normal and nothing to worry about, because the drop of blood is the result of the baby attaching itself to the uterus wall.


If you pay attention to your partner’s body, you may be the first one to detect the change in her breasts: They may feel more sensitive or look more pronounced. Her pink bits may darken in colour. If you notice these clues, well done – it means you’ve beaten science to it, because the pregnancy test is unable to pick up on those subtle changes.


The cells you are made of contain a full set of DNA from Mum and Dad. Although you don’t have any eyes yet, your eye colour is already determined by the DNA you are carrying. You don’t have any hair, but whether it’s going to be curly or straight, silky or unruly, fair or dark – it’s already encoded and predetermined. Incidentally, although you are a perfect mixture of both your parents, it’s Dad’s genes alone that decide whether you’ll be a boy or a girl. How cool is that?