Week 11



Your body now needs to circulate approximately 10 per cent more blood than it did before the pregnancy. The increased blood volume and the extra liquids processed to support the baby will make your kidneys work extra hard. The growing uterus will also put pressure on your bladder, waking you up several times a night to go to the toilet. (Although the baby is still shorter than your lipstick, the uterus is big enough to fill your pelvis.)


Incredible as it may sound, pregnancy is actually an opportunity for the two parents-to-be to become closer and more intimate as a couple. She may still be too tired for sex, but she will appreciate the emotional connection. Plus, the cuddles you give her now will be well invested, because during the second trimester, a pregnant woman’s interest in sex returns with a vengeance.


Your bones are beginning to harden, your teeth are forming inside your gums, and you may already be showing whether you’re a boy or a girl. You are now the size of a fresh fig.