Week 16


A good way to connect with your baby is to give the bump a gentle massage. It’s safe to do after the first three months of pregnancy, and it’s soothing for both you and your baby. You may want to use an oil or a cream, particularly one aimed at reducing stretch marks, but avoid aromatherapy unless it’s one of the safe oils (check with a reputable aromatherapy specialist).


Last week, we talked about lifestyle choices. This week, we’ll continue the thread and concentrate on your health. If the pregnancy is progressing smoothly, the best you can do for both of you at the moment is to get some exercise together. Walking is a fantastic way to get moving, and generate some of those much needed feel-good endorphins, plus it has a calming effect on the state of your mind. You might like to do pregnancy yoga with her, but if she’d prefer some time alone, go for a swim or get a mate to smash a squash ball around with you at lunchtime. Mood-boosting guaranteed.


Hey, you are the size of an avocado pear this week. You won’t believe it, but your heart is pumping blood at a rate of over 20 litres a day. That’s like 20 bottles of milk. How do you do it?