Week 22



It may be a good idea to start practising wearing the car seatbelt in a way that will protect your baby in the second and third trimester, that is, with the lap belt portion across the top of your thighs under your belly, and the shoulder sash part between your breasts and over the collarbone. Don’t slide the shoulder portion of your seatbelt under your arm, because that’s not a safe way of wearing it. Remember, your survival is important to your unborn baby.


You might think it’s a bit unfair that you can’t feel the baby kick, except by placing your hand on the bump hoping like hell something will happen. But now, scientists have devised an ingenious way for a father to experience their unborn child’s movements in the womb. The invention is a pair of belts that cover both parents’ abdomens and are filled with electronic sensors. When the baby kicks in the mother’s womb, the movement is replicated in the father’s belt.


You are as long as a parsnip. Behind those still-closed eyelids you now have eyeballs, although the irises lack colour. The DNA already has the instruction for what colour to make them, it just hasn’t happened yet. Oh, and Bub, don’t freak out or anything, but your skin is all wrinkly and covered with fine hair. Relax, this too shall pass.