Week 23


Keep regular appointments with your LMC so that he or she can track your baby’s growth and make sure everything is progressing smoothly. As the baby sprouts, your body will change – and not only in size. Your abdomen may develop stretch marks. Varicose veins may appear on your legs. In the good news department, your hair is probably thicker and glossier than usual, your nails are growing faster and harder, your skin has never looked better.


Remember that playlist you created around Week 13? The baby can hear it now – at least that’s what science tells us. You can either place the iPod directly on the bump, or you can get a gadget that can do pretty much the same job, only in more style.


You are as big as a papaya fruit. You can now sense your mum’s movements, and the gentle rocking usually sends you to sleep. You wake up when she lies down for a nap. This is training her for years to come.