Week 25



Once you start showing, your body stops being your own, and every stranger has the right to ask about the due date and whether you’ve chosen a name yet. It may feel like you’re having the same conversation five times a day. Yes, it is wonderful, isn’t it just. The big day is still some fifteen weeks away, but of course, the baby is on its own schedule, so you never know. No, you haven’t chosen a name yet. No, you don’t know whose surname he or she will have, and no, you don’t yet know whether it’s a he or a she. Sometimes people may just think it’s polite to show an interest, sometimes they genuinely want share your joy. It’s all part and parcel of being pregnant. And as far as parts and parcels go, you must admit that this bit of friendly chatter is miles better than morning sickness.


Take a photo of the bump, now that it’s getting visible. You might like to document the progress every week from now on. If your partner is shy about having her naked belly photographed, perhaps she’ll agree to wear the same top every week to make the comparison easy.


You now weigh as much as an average swede (the vegetable, not a person). You’re putting on baby fat and your wrinkly skin is smoothing out. Hang in there!