Week 35



Biologically, the last months of pregnancy are for slowing down. Ironically though, they are also full of activity as you’re nesting. You may unexpectedly de-junk your bathroom cabinet or paint the garage – projects not remotely connected with the baby.
The following list should help you keep your focus:

  • Cover your side of the bed with a plastic mattress protector (in case your waters break).
  • Plan the quickest route to the hospital, in traffic and off-peak.
  • Do a trial run, taking note where to park and which door to use.
  • Keep enough petrol in the car to get you to the hospital.
  • Keep the mobile phone battery charged.
  • Write down phone numbers for alternative transport: Taxi, friends, neighbours.
  • Organise household help. Perhaps people could give you an hour of vacuuming instead of a pair of booties?
  • Get plenty of rest. This is your last chance to sleep through the night.


She may be suffering from insomnia. If you can afford it, stay up with her to keep her company. Rub her back or her feet, hold her, talk to her. If you have to go to work the next morning, at least let her know you’d be doing all that if you could.


You are the size of a crown pumpkin. Your kidneys are ready and you’re almost totally developed. You’ll spend the rest of your time in here getting bigger, which seems almost impossible given how snug it feels already. You can’t move around anymore, but you still kick to let Mum know you’re fine.