Week 36



You may be getting more nervous as the time approaches. If you’re planning a natural birth, you worry about the pain and how you’ll handle it. You worry about making it to the hospital on time. You worry about having to get an episiotomy or tearing. You worry about having to have a C-section. If you’re planning to have a C-section, it’ll probably be happening any time now, and you’re probably worried about the size of the needle and the fact that you’re totally not ready to be a mother. It’s all normal. And you’ll make a superb mum.


Your mobile phone should be charged and turned on at all times from now on. Keep it on you in meetings, at the gym, in a waterproof pouch at the swimming pool, in the toilet. Let your work know that you need to be close to home during this last stretch – no business trip is as important as being there when your baby is born.


You are the size of a lettuce head and you’re preparing for your entrance into the outside world. You are losing the hair that covered your body, as well as the vernix caseosa skin protection. Still putting on weight and looking gorgeous in every way!