From the Editor

Hello – and congratulations, you’re growing a little human! Isn’t it mind-blowing?

I’m Pamela – and I’m new here at BUMP&baby. I’ll be editing the content you see in our twice-yearly magazine and to a certain extent what you read here online as well. 

As someone who has been pregnant twice (my little ones are now 5 and 1), I know what a wild ride you’re on. Each trimester of pregnancy brings new check-offs and challenges, and as milestones pass you can be filled with equal amounts of excitement and anxiety. It’s natural to experience all these crazy feels, because – as Disney’s Frozen II puts it in one of their well-known songs – you’re going “Into The Unknown” (while that connection might mean nothing to you know, I guarantee in a few years time you’ll be humming the song unknowingly.)

Pregnancy is a time in your life when advice (wanted or not) comes firing from all angles. BUMP&baby magazine understands that no two mothers nor babies are the same. And while it can be easy to get overwhelmed by information, we want you to only take in what resonates with you whenever we check in.

I’d love to know what information you’re struggling to find credible advice on. Slide into my DMs on Instagram at @bumpandbabynz anytime, or email me at

I look forward to supporting you through pregnancy as you prepare to welcome your new baby into your family. 

Pamela – Editor, BUMP&baby

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