Wilson and Frenchy BUMP&baby Mama-To-Be Bundle


Eating for fertility

Conscious pre-conception care offers the most wonderful opportunity to significantly influence the future health of …

Egg donation

Ever considered finding out more about the ‘Egg Donor Wanted’ advertisements in magazines and newspapers? …

Feeding the bump

AUT’s Human Potential Centre has recently made recommendations to the Ministry of Health updating New …

Forget bouncing back, balance is the healthiest way to manage weight post-pregnancy Chemical messengers: how pregnancy hormones affect the body Vaccinating mothers during pregnancy protects their babies from COVID BUMP&baby pregnancy vaccination


Week by Week

What’s going on in there? Our week-by-week pregnancy guide explains what’s happening to your pregnant body, how your baby is growing and developing, and what dads-to-be need to know about pregnancy….


The whole nine months, explained! Find out about choosing a midwife, pregnancy health, morning sickness, exercise during pregnancy, what’s safe to eat, your growing bump, your baby’s movements, and preparing for baby….

New baby

Getting to know your newborn is so sweet. Advice for new mums and dads about newborn care, crying, breastfeeding, baby bathing and skincare, newborn sleep, baby health, first immunisations, colic, and reflux….

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