Bambino Miosolo All-in-One Reusable Nappy

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What it is: An all-in-one reusable nappy, more commonly called an “AIO cloth nappy”, which comes in one adjustable size suitable from birth to toilet training.

Use it: For your baby in conjunction with or in place of disposable nappies, as using an AIO cloth nappy is the closest to the disposable nappy “experience” you can get.

What we love: These adorable cloth nappies are about as easy to use as you can get. They have a super-absorbent core, a soft and water-resistant cover, and a stay-dry inner layer so your baby won’t be sitting in a wet nappy. You can wash them in the washing machine and dry them in the dryer if you don’t feel like hanging out – although a load of clean nappies drying on the washline is a pleasant sight on a sunny day! One-size-fits-most will take your child from birth to toilet training, as they adjust easily. 

Our editor says: I’ve used a combination of cloth and disposable nappies with two of my children, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy modern cloth nappies are to use. No pins, no soaking in foul-smelling buckets, no scraping poo (see below for poo disposal info you may not have known before). AIO nappies are super-easy to use because all the bits are attached — you simply fold the absorbent inner bit into the pocket and your nappy is ready to use. I line mine with biodegradeable nappy liners to keep poo from ever touching the nappy itself. These adjust easily with snaps and velcro, making them truly suitable from birth to toilet training. The absorbent inner is soft against my baby’s skin and who doesn’t love the cute prints? 

Things to remember: You may not know this, but you’re supposed to flush poo down the toilet even when you use disposable nappies, not bundle it up with the nappy to throw away. Disposing of poo with cloth nappies isn’t nearly as gross as it’s made out to be. If you use nappy liners, all you really need to do is hold the nappy over the toilet, turn it over, and watch it fall in, then flush. No scraping required! Another thing to know is that with cloth nappies, you need to wash them a couple of times before they will reach their full absorbency — so don’t expect to use them right out of the box. 

At-a-glance: Adjustable velcro-style fastenings * one-size-fits-most from birth to toilet training * super-absorbent core * soft, water-resistant outer * stay-dry inner layer * can be machine washed and tumble-dried * do not soak * do not iron * follow the enclosed instructions for top performance

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