A cool change


For those of you in your third trimester particularly, I bet you’re happy that the heat has subsided, and these fresh, cool days have arrived. I’m not even pregnant and I’m loving the cool change.

Winter is actually a nice time of year to welcome a new baby into the world. The feeling of slowing down, hibernating and snuggling up is all the more welcome when you have a baby who needs round-the-clock care. The lower temperature also means that, when you do decide to take your baby out, you can enjoy making use of all the adorable hats and winter clothing you wish came in adult-size. 

I’m encouraged to see more and more realistic views of motherhood and postpartum hitting social media. We know that Instagram in particular, has long been about people’s “highlight reels”, but behind the scenes is a much more relatable story – sleepless nights, tears, messy homes and even messier hair. 

In our new issue of BUMP&baby magazine, along with stories and pages filled with ideas and inspiration it was really important to us to also include articles that go deep into the emotion department as well. “What About Mama?” and “What If I Don’t Love Being a Parent?” are two amazing features in our magazine to ensure that whatever postpartum feelings you may have. You’re certainly not alone.

Pregnancy and postpartum is gruelling, it’s gorgeous – and it’s everything in between. 


Editor, BUMP&baby

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