My midwife, the superhero

My midwife is a true superhero.

The other day I noticed that my midwife, whom I keep in touch with via social media, had taken one of those Facebook quizzes asking which movie character she was. The result she posted was “Wonder Woman” — and I couldn’t agree more. Although wearing a cape would probably just get in the way in the delivery room, in every other respect she’s an absolute superhero. 

Not only does she deliver babies for a living, she also spends oodles of time rescuing hormonal pregnant women from all sorts of emotional and physical quandaries. She saves us from ourselves — from our worries and stresses, from freaking out over things we can’t control and trying to exert too much control over the little things we do have power over, from murdering our mothers-in-law for making remarks about how much weight we’re gaining. She listens and dispenses expert advice, all while keeping a weather eye on our health and wellbeing. She gives us a safe haven and a soft place to rest. She’s dependable and reliable.

She’s confident, calm under pressure, incredibly skilled, talented, and knows more about the power of the human body than anyone else I know. She knows when to push someone beyond their limits, and when to use all of her strength to help someone break through the barriers of their own fears. She can hold the most fragile, tiny being safely in her hands. She can lift a heavy, labouring mum from the floor to the bed (although I suspect this is one part of her job she might not love, but she does it!). She can save lives. She has saved lives, both big and small.

Best of all, she empowers women. She’s a role model we can look up to — someone strong, capable, and encouraging of other women to reach deep into themselves and overcome the most challenging situation we’ve ever been faced: Giving birth. She’s been there, herself. She knows what it’s like. And she knows how to help us through it. She’s someone we can trust.

Yeah, I love my midwife. I’m done having babies, but I’m not yet ready to let her go. Because once you’ve met a superhero, how can you possibly say goodbye to them? My midwife inspires me every day, and even though she might laugh at getting “Wonder Woman” as her movie alter ego, to me that’s exactly who she is. 

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