The Ride of Your Life

I got a text this morning from a friend who just days ago had her beautiful first-born baby. “OMG isn’t being a mum just the best,” she said. Just 24-hours earlier, another friend – who had popped in with her smiley three-month-old – was loving her wee man but also telling me how draining it’s been as she navigates the sleep-feed-awake puzzle. 

My two new-mum friends’ feelings reflect the constant contrast that new parents often experience. And as any postpartum pal will tell you, the emotions and challenges shift daily. Heck, even hourly! 

I’m sharing this because I think it’s really important to prepare for an avalanche of emotions that will come your way, because so many parents feel that they have to love every single moment of time with their newborn. Becoming a parent  exposes you to a life of contrast like no other. And it’s totally normal. One moment you’ll be patting yourself on the back for a momentous post-feed burp (that’s the baby’s, not yours), and the next their cries will bring you to breaking point. One hour you’ll be in awe of what you created and can’t fathom ever leaving their side, and a moment later you’ll be pining to get out of the house in some clean clothes and brushed hair. Even just to do the groceries. 

The conversation around postpartum emotions and mother care is heating up, which is great. It’s important that we share our emotions with friends and family, because they are there to help. And it also encourages open, honest conversation between each other, which in turn will ensure that you’re not feeling alone in the thrilling (but often bumpy) roller coaster ride. 

Pamela – editor
BUMP&baby magazine

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