Looking for new food recipes that are good for you and your growing bump? We’ve got the best recipes for pregnant mamas – from fun healthy snacks to nutritious breakfasts and delicious dinners.

Berry choc mousse

I designed this to not only look amazing but taste good too; at the end of the day who wants a boring fruit plate, or even just air, when everyone else is having a wicked chocolate treat? It takes five minutes to blitz up and plate up.

Quinoa wonder salad

Ingredients ½ cup red quinoa ½ cup white quinoa 2 tsp olive oil 2 cups water 4…

Black Doris Mascarpone Ice-Cream

This is one of the best ice-cream flavours I’ve ever had, and my home-made version is even better than the bought version as it’s so much more ‘plummy’ and not overly sweet.

Carrot cake bliss balls

I love carrot cake, and clearly I love bliss balls. Combine these two concepts and you get carrot cake balls. Enough said.

Chocolate gingerbread waffles

Waffles have become a staple in the Unbakery cafés for our weekend breakfast crowds – this is a chocolate version of my favourite gingerbread waffle recipe

Strawberry & rose chia pudding bowl

Strawberries and rose water add a fresh and fragrant lightness to this chia breakfast bowl. Make this recipe at the height of strawberry season, when the fruit is at its best

Pumpkinhead pie

Like a taste of Halloween – this shake is frighteningly good!

Cool-down popsicles

Beat the heat with these popsicles for preggy Mums. Here’s our pick for the best summer flavours!

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