Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser

Avent steriliser review

(RRP $209.99, philips.co.nz for stockists)

What it is: This super-convenient benchtop steriliser uses natural steam (no chemicals or tablets) to sterilise baby bottles, teats, dummies, breast pumps, and more, killing 99.9% of harmful germs without using chemicals. The sterilising cycle lasts just six minutes, then automatically shuts off for safety. The open design means you can easily keep the heating plate clean, allowing you to sterilise with clean steam every time. Suitable for either wide-mouth or standard bottles, it will hold up to six at a time.

Use it: To sterilise up to six bottles at a time, not to mention dummies, breast pump parts, sippy cups, teats, toddler plates and cutlery.

What we love: The convenience of a benchtop appliance which doesn’t take up much space and is really easy to use. The instructions are fairly straightforward, and one of the best features is that it has three different-sized baskets for different-sized parts. You can use all three together, or only one, or a combination of whatever sized basket you need to fit the stuff you’re sterilising. Baskets “nest” on top of one another so if you’re not using one or two of them, just take them off and set them aside. And the contents will stay sterile for 24 hours after you run the cycle (if you keep the lid on) – so you can put it on before bed and wake up to sterilised bottles.

Our editor says: I’ve never used a steriliser before, and this one is definitely top-of-the-line – after using it just once, I was wowed. Don’t be daunted when you open the box and think, like I did, “Man, there are a lot of parts here” – the diagram on the inside front cover of the user’s manual will sort you right out. The first thing you need to remember is that this is a steriliser, not a cleaner – so anything you put inside it needs to be cleaned first (run through the dishwasher or hand-washed). It has a reasonably small benchtop footprint (about the size of a toaster, but taller) and is simple to operate. Pour 100ml of plain tap water into the water reservoir of the base, load your baskets with stuff, pop the baskets on top of the base, then put on the lid, plug into the wall, and press the on button – and let it do the work. It’s so much easier, faster, and safer than boiling everything in a pasta pot on the stove, as I used to!

Things to remember: It takes about four minutes for the steriliser to heat up, and sterilising itself takes about six minutes. If you want to sterilise another load of stuff, let it cool down for about 10 minutes before using again – it won’t work again straightaway. Also, it’s important to wait until the steriliser has cooled down before removing the lid (the light will go off after three minutes to let you know it’s safe to open). Be careful of hot steam coming out of the steriliser as it’s working, and be aware that items inside may still be hot when you open it. Lastly, just like your kitchen kettle, it’ll need to be descaled every couple of weeks to ensure it continues to work effectively – there’s a handy instruction guide included to explain how to do this (it’s not difficult).


  • Adjustable 3-in-1 design
  • Electric steriliser (plugs in to the wall)
  • Fits up to six bottles (wide-mouth or standard)
  • Sterilises in six minutes
  • Uses plain tap water (no chemicals or tablets)
  • Modular design enables you to fit the bottles and accessories flexibly and organise them easily
  • Quick and convenient loading and unloading
  • Automatic shut-off when sterilisation cycle is complete
  • Takes up minimal kitchen bench space
  • Contents will be kept sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid is unopened
  • Two-year warranty in Australia and New Zealand

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFO: Keep away from children. Don’t attempt to open or disassemble the base, to avoid the risk of electric shock. Never immerse the base, mains cord, or mains plug in water or any other liquid. The appliance becomes extremely hot during sterilisation, so don’t touch it or remove the lid until the cycle has finished and it has cooled down. See the instruction manual for further safety information.A benchtop steriliser that uses natural steam (no chemicals or tablets) to sterilise bottles, teats, dummies, breast pumps, and more – in only six minutes.

See philips.co.nz for stockists

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