Review: bugaboo fox

What is it:

The bugaboo fox (price starting from $2,059) is a stroller that promises the “ultimate comfort for your child”. With a high seat position to make it easy to lift your baby in and out (and doubles as a high chair when you’re on the go), it’s engineered to provide a bump-free ride on any surface.

What we love:

The go-to pram for a number of celebrity mums, the bugaboo fox is a gorgeous, stylish pram that will make you feel like you’re strolling the streets of Paris or meandering through New York City’s Central Park. With bigger wheels and advanced central joint suspension (and additional rear suspension), it offers a smooth, steady ride for your child whether they’re in the bassinet or the seat. It drives very smoothly and comfortably over any terrain, for both parent and child, and it’s extremely manouvreable and easy to use. Made from super durable materials that will last through more than one child (and be passed on to family and friends), it’s designed for everyday use but built to stand the test of time. It’s easy to switch the seat from rear-facing to forward-facing, and the adjustable handlebar is perfect for parents of differing heights. Use from bassinet to birth, attach your car seat with optional click-and-go adapters, and transition to the seat position when your child is ready to sit up and see the world.

Our editor says:

I’ve got three children and I’ve had, let me think… 11 or so prams over the years. And during my parenting journey, I’ve whittled down my pram preferences to three must-haves: 1) It must be easy to push and not make me feel like I’m exercising, 2) It must hold all my crap, I mean stuff, without tipping over, and 3) It must have a decent canopy to keep out the sun, rain, and wind. I’m thrilled to say the bugaboo fox really lived up to my expectations. Pushing and steering feel effortless, even with one hand, and I found it incredibly easy to manouvre. I thought I preferred three-wheel strollers until I tried this one, and I was pleasantly surprised to be converted by the larger rear wheels and smaller front wheels, which easily navigated the bumpy terrain at my local reserve. I loved having my toddler at a height where I could easily make eye contact with her, and being able to swap the seat to face front if she wanted to see the world was quite a good bonus. I hadn’t thought of using it as a high chair as the product info suggested, and found that the adjustable seat position could be moved into the perfect angle for my toddler to sit up at the table. Then if she fell asleep, I could recline the seat right back so she was comfortably laying down to snooze. The storage basket at the bottom was the largest I’ve seen on any pram, and easily held my handbag, the nappy bag, and a picnic blanket — plus they were easy to get out (no contortionist moves trying to reach under the seat and feel around blindly for what I needed). The five-point harness is very comfortable and easy to use, and the SPF50+ canopy provides protection from the elements — and extends into a cocoon you can cover up the whole seat with. My toddler loved pulling it down and hiding inside, poking her fingers out when she wanted a snack. You can even get an optional coloured canopy to show off your personal style!

Our mum tester says:

I have a newborn and was looking for a pram that had a bassinet option as well as a regular seat for when my baby gets bigger, and the bugaboo fox surprised me when I realised the frame is the same for both stages — you just swap out the bassinet insert for the seat insert. That means less stuff to store later! It is very cleverly designed to take your child from birth to big kid. It took me a little while to get it set up, as I had never put together a pram before, but the instructions were very clear and the pram was packed beautifully in bespoke boxes which made it easy to figure out what to do. Once it was set up, it looked just regal standing in my lounge, and I couldn’t wait to take it out for a walk. My baby was very comfortable in the bassinet, which hardly seemed to move as I glided over the footpath. It was incredibly easy to push and felt like I didn’t need to make much effort pushing. I also really appreciated the adjustable handlebar as my husband is quite tall and we were each able to find a level that suited our height. I also appreciated that when I stopped and took my baby out, or when I was getting things out of the underseat basket, the pram was very stable and did not tip over. Folding it up for storage did take some getting used to, but I watched a video on the Bugaboo website and figured it out pretty quickly. I love that I can fold it up in one piece to store at home or into two pieces to place into the boot of my car. There are also lots of tempting accessories I may have to invest in! Overall, I love this pram and am very excited to continue to use it as my baby grows. I think it is going to be the only pram we will ever need.

Things to remember:

  • Store in a dry place. Never leave your baby unattended in a pram, or leave them alone to sleep in a pram. It is not a replacement for a cot or bed.
  • Don’t attach things or hang things from the handlebar, in order to ensure the pram is stable. When your baby is able to sit up by themselves, they must move to the seat as the bassinet will no longer be safe.

At a glance:

  • Suitable from birth up to 23 kg Central joint suspension and front wheel suspension
  • Changeable bassinet and seat fabric, sun canopy, grips, and wheel capsAttach accessories easily with the integrated attachment point
  • All fabrics are machine washable Weight: 9.9kg with the seat
  • 1 brake pedal without position (ball pen principle) Large, easily accessible underseat basket (weigh capacity max 10 kg) with storage pockets
  • High seat placement: 59cm from the ground One hand removing seat frame
  • One hand seat adjustability One piece compact folding and extra compact folding
  • Self-standing folding in every configuration Free rain cover for both the bassinet and seat

Available from Baby City, Global Baby, and The MumMum Store.

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