Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi Seat review


(RRP $129.99 from bumbo.co.nz)

What it is: This easy-to-clean, versatile baby seat can be used as a floor seat, feeding seat, and booster seat and can be used from around 5 months up to age three. It features retractable chair straps so you can secure it on a regular chair at the dining table (which means you don’t need a separate high chair), as well as a height-adjustable base with two heights so the seat can grow with your little one. The foam cushioning is removeable and pops out easily for cleaning. There’s a three-point safety belt which sits between your child’s legs and clips at the waist, which will help keep them from sliding out the front of the seat (difficult anyway given the stationary sticky-uppy bit on the front). The play tray slides easily onto the grooves at the front, and when not in use, slips into a special storage “pocket” on the back.

Use it: From around 5 months (when your child can sit up by him- or herself) to around age three.

What we love: This is definitely an upgrade from the original Bumbo Floor Seat, and we’re stoked by how clever the design is. It’s compact enough to take along to the bach, but practical enough to use at home as a replacement for a high chair. The inbuilt storage for the play tray and chair straps is so useful – no need to find a place to keep this extra stuff when it’s not in use. And it’s super-easy to clean.

Our editor says: I had an original Bumbo Floor Seat for my first two children, and loved it, but this is next level. Lightweight, convenient, and as mentioned, so easy to clean – I admit that I just hose it down or scrub it in the kitchen sink! The storage aspects are a boon to mums who like everything to be tucked away tidily. And the stylish colours it comes in are so appealing: Magenta, aqua, lime, blue, and plum.

Things to remember: Never, ever, ever leave your child unattended in a seat like this – and never pop it on to the dining table or bench with your child in it and then wander away. It’s designed to be used either on the floor, or secured to a chair.


  • Adjustable height
  • Retractable chair straps
  • Tray attachment
  • Three-point safety harness
  • Wide, stable base (full contact with floor)
  • Soft Bumbo foam cushion (remove to create space for growing child)
  • Built-in storage for tray, foam Insert, chair straps
  • Suggested age range from 5 months to 3 years

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFO: Never leave your child unattended when using the Bumbo Multi Seat.

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