A new way to deal with morning sickness

If you’ve just hit the 6-week pregnancy mark, then you may be scouring all your pregnancy resources trying to find some relief from morning sickness. It may in fact stick around for as long as 16 weeks (or longer, I’m sorry to tell you!), so you’ll want to arm yourself with a reliable way to relieve the nausea.

If you’re not suffering from nausea or vomiting, you’re one of the lucky ones! According to Marjorie Greenfield, ob-gyn and author of The Working Woman’s Pregnancy Book, around 70% of us will suffer from morning sickness, and 50% will experience vomiting. 

A great option for relief is the new EmeTerm Motion Sickness Wristband (reviews from real mums below) on our BUMP&baby Mall , that uses neuro modulation, which is FDA cleared and clinical proven. The electric current is sent to your nervous system via the P6 acupuncture point on underside of your wrist. The targeted electric pulses are then delivered to your brain to precisely block the signal of nausea and vomiting from your brain to your stomach.

This all sounds very technical, but it is in fact completely natural, and very safe for you and your baby. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Drug free

Therefore there no side effects such as drowsiness, constipation or dry mouth, which can result from medication.

2. Five levels of intensity

You have options to choose from depending on the severity of your nausea.

3. Not messy and very discreet

Does not require a conductivity gel like other devices and sits very discreetly on your wrist. It is completely dust-proof and water-resistant. The EmeTerm band is made with hypo-allergenic material and the device is equipped with specialized electrodes that maximize the electrical conductivity. It’s also magnetically charged for convenience and lasts up to nine hours per charge

4. Works immediately

Provides immediate relief and is more effective than the acupressure bands – Emeterm’s or TENS devices are designed to treat severe nausea.

5. Safe to use

Most importantly, it is safe to use and won’t harm you or your baby

6. Lasts for further pregnancies and has other uses

Once you have invested in your band, it will be there and ready for subsequent pregnancies, and even better,  it can be used for nausea across a multitude of situations. It works a treat for car and sea sickness, children over 6 years who suffer from travel sickness can use the band, and it really helps with altitude sickness (maybe even rollercoaster sickness!).

REVIEWS: Here’s what mums have to say

“This band has reduced my nausea by 90%. The nausea starts and then quickly dissipates with the EmeTerm, which makes it extremely useful, and for this I am very grateful.” ~Sharon

“The best one I have every had, and the fourth one I have tried, none as comfortable as this one.”~Barbara

“Sickness kicked in at 4 1/2 weeks and I waited a week before I put the wrist band on. So Glad I didn’t wait any longer!! I’m no longer extremely nauseated and vomiting. Highly rate this product!” ~Jessica

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