Eating for fertility

eating for fertility

Conscious pre-conception care offers the most wonderful opportunity to significantly influence the future health of your child. It is the ultimate preventative medicine!

Pre-conception care means providing the maturing egg (oocyte) and sperm with all of the factors required for fertility and the creation of a healthy foetus, while at the same time omitting factors that have been shown to be detrimental. An egg takes approximately 100 days to mature, while for sperm it is an 80 day process. During this time, they are vulnerable to toxin exposures and nutrient deficiencies, hence the recommended four month minimum period for pre-conception care. The instant an egg and sperm combine, an irreversible genetic code is formed for future development of that baby. How incredible to know that you can have such a powerful impact in four tiny months!

So, what does it take to create great quality sperm and eggs? It is as much about what is included as what is omitted for this period.

The maturation of the egg and the sperm is influenced by both hormonal and nutritional factors so, during preconception care, the focus is on optimising both of these components. Balancing hormones is a highly individual process that an experienced health care professional can guide you with.

Nutritionally, it is critical to supply the developing egg with the right amount of every nutrient, while also not exposing the developing egg to substances that have been shown to be harmful to both the egg itself and to hormonal balance. Alcohol and coffee need to be omitted for the four months of care and during pregnancy. Studies have shown that women drinking more than three cups of coffee per day during the first trimester have an increased risk of miscarriage. Swapping coffee for green tea, with its minimal caffeine levels, calming effect on the nervous system and high antioxidants, can be a great start in the lead up to pre-conception care.

As you can see, the basis of any pre-conception care requires both the mum and dad-to-be to make a commitment to this special time in their lives. You can also see how Real Food and good quality supplementation would make all the difference in a healthy conception. It is truly a miraculous process and by supplying your body with the nutrients it needs, it helps you to have a healthy precious bundle.


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