Morning sickness: The.Hangover.Begins.

BOOM! Bang on five weeks, the nausea kicked in. I knew it would happen, as my body’s way of dealing with things is to spew and get headaches. But I was secretly hoping I would be one of those lucky ones who doesn’t get morning sickness (actually, it’s all-day sickness – morning sickness is a stupid name that falsely advertises what you’re actually in for!).

It was 4am and I was rolling around, groaning and trying to keep it at bay. Let’s just say I succeeded for 1.25 hours, then was sprinting to the toilet like Bolt. This happened all week and if you can’t tell already, I’m pissed off that it’s known as morning sickness. That term is absolute crap. True, it starts when you wake up, but it doesn’t leave once the clock ticks from AM to PM. It’s like I have had a permanent hangover for a whole week. The only time I get some relief is between 6-9pm where I can finally hold a meal down and get comfy. I am hoping it only lasts the first trimester. (Sorry mum, I know I put you through it for 9 months, oops. Karma, please pay me back another way!)

My mum is simply amazing and makes me homemade organic goodness every day and even delivers it to my work! I have a lemon and ginger drink every morning, and then all the spices, chutneys and curry pastes too. Keeping your body healthy as much as possible and minimising the processed ingredients that are slipped into everything nowadays really makes a difference to energy levels … and I’ll do anything to feel as good as possible!

Something I am already finding hard to do, due to my job and the industry I work in, is not drinking. And it’s not the actual ‘not having a drink’ part, it’s the questions you get when you don’t. Personally, I’m quite happy with a mocktail or a good ol’ can of coke, but it’s just usual practice when being hosted by clients or out with work colleagues that we have a drink together. So that puts a huge amount of pressure on you to come up with a reason why not (or how to hide it). Safe to say, I have a few tricks nailed. My sneaky fave is to order a vodka, lime & soda at the table, but then quickly pop to the bathroom via the bar and tell the staff to hold the vodka #winninginmedia.

However, I just can’t wait until everyone knows, and then it won’t be such a big deal that the girl who never turns down a cold glass of rosé is now turning them down left, right and centre!

By Ashley Hekkens: Ashley is a self-confessed talker-turned-blogger. She’s also an excited and passionate mum-to-be. Blogging is her pregnancy outlet and she loves sharing her thoughts, opinions and feelings through her blog . Follow her on Insta @Mama.Ash.x

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