Finally, a natural deodorant that works

Since it’s conception, essano™️ has been committed to creating natural skin, hair and body products that care for both people and the planet. The secret behind their continued success is simple; when customers talk, they listen.

So, when customers kept asking for a natural deodorant that lives up its promises, they took the challenge on the chin. No easy feat, as years of research and development will attest, the end result is a combination of successful ingenuity and effective science; a roll-on deodorant that actually works. 

Allowing the body to naturally sweat without odour, this is a product that echos the brand’s ethos of being both good for you and the environment, which is probably why 89% of people who tried it said they would purchase again. 

Available in three delightful smelling scents; Lily Flower& Chamomile, Mandarin & Aloe Vera and Fragrance-Free this is the perfect alternative for women seeking a natural alternative. Made right here in New Zealand, and the only deodorant in NZ in a 100% recycled bottle, these truly are the full package. 

These game-changing deos work by gently neutralising the odour causing bacteria under your arms, not by masking the smell with another polarising one. And, unlike other antiperspirants, they won’t clog pores and are free from ingredients like aluminium salts and baking soda.

Shane Young, co-founder of essano, says; “After trialling natural ingredients from around the world, essano’s on-site chemists discovered four new-technology, natural- actives proven to effectively destroy and inhibit the bacteria that cause odours.”

Shane continues; “Once our team finalised the formula, we could have launched using virgin plastic imported from China, but instead we decided to spend more time and money to work with NZ supplier and be the first deodorant in NZ to use 100% recycled plastic.”

Price, $9.99

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