9 nappy bag must-haves you didn’t know you needed

Every new mum needs a nappy bag – it’s a baby gear must-have. And not just any old bag will do! You need a nappy bag that’s been designed with mums and babies in mind. Invest in a quality nappy bag and you’ll get years of use out of it – many mums we know are still using theirs as handbags long after their babies have grown!

Our friends at Storksak nappy bags, know how important it is for mums to have nappy bags that are roomy and practical, yet stylish. With pockets galore, convertible straps, and compartments for just about everything, Storksak and Babymel nappy bags are designed to hold all you and your baby need for a day out, so there’s no need to pack an extra handbag for you.
And when you’re packing your baby’s nappy bag, it seems obvious what you should put in there – nappies, wipes, spare clothes, an extra blanket. But these clever little nappy bag extras may just save your bacon one day when you’re out and about with your baby.

1. Carabiner clip

Sold in the camping and outdoor gear sections of most major retailers, and of course at speciality outdoor gear stores, a carabiner clip isn’t just for rock-climbing – it’s a nappy bag must-have! Secure one to an outside strap on your nappy bag and use to hold anything you need in a hurry – a dummy, a muslin (thread through the clip), a favourite toy that has a hole or loop (or poke through a stuffed toy’s tag). They’re great for using in the pram or on your baby carrier to hold toys so they aren’t easily dropped, or use to hang your nappy bag itself from the pram handle. Storksak bags have built in stroller clips, which attach the bag to the pram. Very handy.

2. Clothes peg

It won’t take up any room at all, but a clothes peg or two in your nappy bag are brilliant additions. Use to secure things to your nappy bag if a carabiner clip won’t do, or use to close that half-finished pack of baby rice crackers so it doesn’t spill all over the inside of your nappy bag or car (seriously, why don’t they make those bags self-sealing?).

3. Plasters

Once you become a mum, you’ll find you always need plasters – either for a small child with an owie, or for yourself! Leave a couple in your nappy bag just in case.

4. Mini hand sanitiser

You may be a nappy-changing pro by now, but you won’t regret carrying around a small bottle of hand sanitiser just in case you happen to get No 2 on your fingers. You can also use in a pinch to wipe down a changing surface (squirt on a baby wipe) like those seemingly never-cleaned change tables in restrooms.

5. Empty snaplock bag

Ideal for holding small things, like the dummy your baby just dropped on the floor of the public restroom, or the button that popped off your shirt, empty snaplock bags are supremely useful. Pack a spare outfit in a larger-sized one and it’ll stay pristine even if the rest of the nappy bag gets messy, plus then you have a handy wetbag to pop dirty clothes into, or even a dirty nappy in a pinch.

6. Muslin

We don’t know who invented these handy cloths, and we don’t care – muslins are the best, and you need at least one in your nappy bag. Use it for so many things: A breastfeeding cover-up, lightweight shawl or baby blanket, temporary sunshade on the pram, burp cloth, picnic cloth, or even baby clothing if you’re desperate (toga party, anyone?).

7. Mini perfume sample

Those mini perfume sprayers you can get at perfume counters may sound like a silly thing to have in your nappy bag, but hear us out: There will come a time when you’ll want to cover up the odour of a No 2 which may or may not be your child’s. In the car, in a public restroom, at your inlaws’ Christmas dinner… A few spritzes of perfume and your nose will thank you.

8. Paracetamol

Not for the baby, for you! A dose of paracetamol (two tablets) can come in very handy when you’re out somewhere and come down with a splitting headache, possibly brought on by the effort of actually getting out the door with your baby and all of their attendant paraphernalia. Make sure it’s in a non-child-friendly container in a zippered compartment.

9. Breast pads

Those things are super-absorbent and can save you from embarrassment – trust us. Not only are they must-haves if you’re breastfeeding, you can also use them to quickly mop up spills in the nappy bag, or even as a temporary sanitary napkin in a pinch (post-baby periods can come upon you without warning!).

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