The first month

getting to know your newborn: the first month

By one month, the sleep deprivation has really kicked in, and you probably feel like the night wakings are never going to end. It will get easier as your baby establishes a feeding and sleeping pattern. If you want to create a routine, now is a good time to encourage feeding at particular times, and setting a nighttime routine to help differentiate day and night can be really useful. Ensure you limit your baby’s awake time, as a baby of this age can generally only cope with one to one-and-a-quarter hours awake. Getting out and about for walks is highly beneficial for you and baby. It’s amazing what a change of scenery and fresh air can do.

Start as you mean to go on /

Babies are very clever and learn habits extremely quickly. A “start as you mean to go on” approach is useful, particularly in terms of sleeping. Cuddling a newborn to sleep is one of the most wonderful feelings, and by all means, cuddle as much as your heart desires. But be aware that habits form from very early on, and putting a baby of this age to bed awake and allowing them to self-settle will mean fewer problems in the future, as they have developed healthy sleep associations.

Other people’s opinions /

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to babies, and this can be one of the biggest challenges to new mums. Books, the internet, hospital staff, family, and friends may overwhelm you with conflicting advice and theories. As much as people mean well and want to help, it is ultimately your baby and your choice. Do what feels right for you and your family, taking on board information you feel is relevant and helpful, but sticking with what you believe.

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