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Does a special diet help with quicker postpartum recovery and increased breast milk supply?

Well yes! And there is much evidence to prove this. In Asian countries, women have been following a postpartum diet for centuries using Chinese herbs and foods based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help them feel better physically and mentally. This diet regime follows a Three-stages Recovery Plan using Chinese herbs and special foods – Stage 1 – restoring a mother’s iron and folic acid after birth and building metabolism, Stage 2 – internal restoration (helping bones and joints realign again with food rich in calcium and collagen) and Stage 3 – nourishment to allow for optimal recovery and breastfeeding. This diet shows benefits for new mums based on western science and thinking too.

Supporting Mums not Just Bubs

Nicole Chien, a Taiwanese-born nutritionist is on a mission to bring this thinking and nutrition to New Zealand after having successfully done so in Australia for eight years. When she moved from Taiwan, she discovered that while much attention was given to newborns, mums were not offered the same level of support. It was the catalyst to bring postpartum recovery to mums here through diet and support. She did this by launching Taste for Life in Australia and is now launching in New Zealand.

Healthy and Highly Nutritious Meals

The Taste for Life post pregnancy program runs for 30-days, and new mums can buy Special DIY Meal Packages comprising various nutritional concentrated soup bases to drink directly or add food and a selection of teas and glutinous rice water, also designed for postpartum recovery. There is also a lactation soup and special teas specifically for breastfeeding. These nourishing soups and drinks all herbs pass 311 SGS food safety standards so are safe for mum and breastfeeding baby.

Advice for New Mums

“One thing we also offer is consultations from experts around our food and drinks, so no mother feels alone in her postpartum or breastfeeding journey.” said Nicole.

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