What does “expressing” breast milk mean?

What does “expressing” breast milk mean?

Answer: Expressing breast milk means squeezing milk from your breasts so that you or someone else can feed it to your baby. You may express breast milk if:

  • You are going to be away from your baby; for example, if you’re having a date night with your partner and getting a babysitter (hooray!), if you’re going back to work and your baby will be in childcare, if your baby is unwell, or if your baby is in special care (if your baby is premature or in hospital, for example).
  • You want to boost your milk supply.
  • You want to build up a supply of frozen breast milk for future use.
  • Your partner will be feeding your baby.
  • Your breasts are engorged (uncomfortably full and swollen).
  • Your baby isn’t able to suck from the breast, but you want them to have breast milk.

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