How to say goodbye to baby gear

If there's one thing I'm not good at, it's getting rid of my kids' stuff, particularly the things they had when they were little babies.... READ MORE

So you’re having a baby

Congratulations! Oh, sorry, did I shout a little bit too loudly? I'm wearing ear plugs to drown out the sound of the white-noise machine I've been playing to try to help my own baby go to sleep.... READ MORE

Rules for feeding your baby

When it comes to feeding your newborn baby, other people will have a lot of OPINIONS and THOUGHTS about how you should be feeding them.... READ MORE

Pregnancy is weird

A good friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby, and she's been texting me all manner of questions -- some tricky, some humorous, some embarrassing, and some downright weird.... READ MORE

The maternity pants that weren’t

I am not really a "trousers" kind of person. I prefer to wear dresses and skirts, or tunics over leggings. But a friend recently raved about these gorgeous and comfortable pants she bought from a trendy online boutique, so I threw caution to the wind and ordered a pair for myself. ... READ MORE

The time I didn’t know I had

Before my children were born, I used to stay up so late and go to so many events outside of my house. I'm an introvert, so these events were things like museum exhibitions (so quiet), art galleries (so quiet, so pretty), and film festivals (not quiet, but full of fellow nerds who didn't want to talk to me).... READ MORE