Considering a homebirth?


Only 7% of women birth at home, yet in the majority of cases it’s safer and has less chance of intervention and cross-infection than hospital births.

Reasons you might consider a homebirth:

  • You consider birthing to be a natural process, not a medical procedure
  • You like your home comforts
  • You want a drug-free birth experience
  • You want minimal disruption to your family life before, during and after the birth
  • You prefer the thought of labouring in familiar surroundings
  • You have concerns about the discomfort or danger of travelling to hospital in labour

If you would like more information on home births including FAQs, how to find a home birth midwife, home birth statistics, stories and articles, go to: Quotes from women who have given birth at home:

[bg_contents bgcolor=”#efff6c”] “I loved being able to shower in my own bathroom and snuggle up in my own bed after the birth.” “It was so much more relaxing being able to labour in my own house, without any strangers watching me.” “It was great having everything I needed at home, without having to worry about forgetting to take something to the hospital.” “I was determined to have a drug-free birth and wanted to be away from any temptation, in a moment of weakness, to accept pain relief.” “With my first baby, I left it too late to leave for the hospital and was in the second stage of labour in the car – it was agony, I didn’t want that to happen again.” “I’d done pregnancy yoga and practised my breathing and relaxation techniques and felt that I would be able to concentrate better and feel more confident in my own environment.” “The kids were able to come in straight away and meet their new baby sister and we were together as a family right from the start.” “I preferred the thought of being in my own clean environment, away from any sick people in hospital.” “I didn’t need to worry about feeling self-conscious or about making noise.”[/bg_contents]

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