Looking for the best resources and advice on all you need to prepare for birth? Read about making a birth plan, labour signs, when to go to hospital, the three stages of labour, pain relief options, and what childbirth really feels like.

Corina’s birth story

When my husband Martin and I first started dating, I told him in no uncertain terms that I didn’t want children. I was so afraid of the pain of childbirth

My birth story: He wasn’t breathing!

Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Anyone who knows me knows I like to make people laugh, so in 2013 I did exactly as Woody Allen said

Inducing labour

Your induction is booked, you rock up to the hospital for your morning appointment, and you’re out by lunch with a baby in your arms, right? Yeah, probably not.

When you need a bit of help

When it comes to delivering your baby, things don’t always go according to your birth plan. Sometimes medical intervention is necessary in order to ease baby’s entry into the world.


Ask the expert: Do I really need a birth plan?

Is a birth plan really necessary, or just nice to have? If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably heard of birth plans. But what is it? What should be in it? Do you even really need one?

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