Baby shower games that are actually fun (really!)

baby shower games

If the thought of cheesy, cringe-worthy baby shower games leaves you squirming with shame and embarrassment, fear not! Here are a few fun favourites from our party planning experts that’ll liven up your baby shower without making you (or your guests) blush.

Did you say baby?

This is a great little icebreaker and kicks off the minute your guests arrive. The object of the game is to avoid saying “baby” for the duration of the baby shower. As you greet each guest, give them a nappy pin or clothes peg to wear. Any time a guest says the forbidden word, they lose the pin the person they said “baby” to. At the end of the game, the person who has collected the most pins, wins. Simple.

Who am I, baby?

When sending out your baby shower invites, ask your guests to bring along their own baby photo, or email it to you to print out before the big day. Gather all baby photos, number them, and post them up on a wall. Have each guest try to match the baby photo up with the grown-up version. The most correct guesses wins. This game works well with celebrity babies, too, by including photos of the adult celebrities and having guests pair them up.

Drawing baby

Hand out paper plates and pens to all of your guests. They’ll be drawing a picture of a baby, and the best drawing wins. The snag is, they have to draw the baby on the paper plate, while it’s balanced on top of their head. Get ready for a few laughs as your guests use a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of dexterity to draw a baby.

Hang the washing

We all know that mummies are exceptional multi-taskers, so this game aims to test exactly that. Line your guests up with a toy baby on one hip and a phone on one ear and have them hang out the washing “one-handed”. The first one to finish wins.

Guess the baby food

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly is in baby food, now’s your chance to find out. Line up about 10 different jars of baby food, number each lid, and remove the labels. Each guest gets to sample the jars and write down what they think it is. The guest with the best taste buds wins this game.

Nappy race

Divide your guests into two teams, each with a roll of toilet paper. The aim of the game is to design a creative nappy out of toilet paper. Each team has five minutes to put the “nappy” onto one of the team members, and the most inventive nappy wins.

My waters broke!

Freeze a tiny plastic baby or jelly baby in a tray of ice cubes and give each guest an ice cube in their drink. The winner is the guest whose ice melts first, releasing the baby. You decide whether or not artificial induction methods like holding the ice cube under a lamp or adding hot liquid are allowed!

Pass the nappy

For this fun adaptation of “pass the parcel”, you’ll need a pair of kitchen gloves, a knife and fork, a cloth nappy, and an unwrapped block of chocolate. Place the chocolate inside the cloth nappy and the knife and fork in the centre of the circle of guests. Get someone to randomly stop and start the music while guests pass the nappy from person to person. When the music stops, the person with the nappy has 30 seconds to unwrap the nappy and cut off and eat a square of chocolate using the knife and fork.

Feed the baby

Making a mess is mandatory in this game. Divide your guests into teams of two, each with their own bib (or possibly a rubbish bag or poncho!), spoon, and jar of baby food (fruit flavours are best!). Use a timer to see how long it takes each team to feed each other while blindfolded. The fastest, messiest duo wins.

Pin the baby on to the mummy

Remember “pin the tail on the donkey”? The baby shower version of this classic party game is not that different. Using a poster-sized picture of mum-to-be with her pregnant belly in profile and a magazine clipping of a baby, have guests take turns to be blindfolded and try to pin the baby on to mummy’s tummy, with the closest baby to tummy winning.

Spit the dummy

Line up your guests and have each one spit a dummy as far as they can. The winner is the one who spits the dummy furthest.

Nappy raffle

It’s estimated that newborn babies go through about 70 nappies a week. Crazy, but true. For this game you’ll need to let guests know that you’ll be raffling off an amazing prize at the baby shower, and entry into the raffle is a packet of nappies; the more they bring, the more entries into the raffle. It’s a great way for mum-to-be to stock up on much-needed nappies.

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