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What it is:

A side-sleeping bassinet which allows you to more safely sleep next to your baby – you in your bed, baby in theirs.

Use it:

To sleep more closely to your baby. Next 2 Me secures to the parents’ bed so you can sleep with your baby right beside you for easy breastfeeding and soothing in the night.

What we love:

Suitable from birth to six months (up to a max of 9kg), it’s bigger than a traditional bassinet that babies often outgrow pretty quickly. It’s height-adjustable, so will suit most beds, and secures to the parents’ bed with straps to keep it in the right spot. Reasonably lightweight, it’s easy to set up (just follow the pictorial instructions in the manual) and the lining is removeable and washable – a boon when you’re dealing with unexpected spit-up! It comes with a travel bag so you can take it along to the bach, grandma’s house, or on holiday. And it comes in an extremely attractive neutral greyish beige colour which will blend in with any décor.

Our editor says:

With each of my three babies, I’ve got progressively lazier – or maybe progressively smarter? – about getting up in the night to tend to crying newborns. My kids have always slept in my bedroom for the first six months or so, because then they’re nice and close by to be fed and soothed back to sleep. While my older children slept in bassinets and portacots during this time, when I was pregnant with my third baby, I discovered the Chicco Next 2 Me and was intrigued. With one of these, I wouldn’t even have to leave my bed in order to deal with middle-of-the-night feeds and nappy changes! And now, after using it for three months, I can truthfully say it’s one of my favourite baby products. If my baby fusses in the night, I don’t even have to move from my pillow – I can just reach out my arm and pat her back to sleep. Another feature I love is that you can adjust one end of the cot to be slightly higher than the other – great for refluxy babies as it’s a safe way to elevate the head of the cot. (Just bear in mind you can’t do this when the cot is in sidecar mode strapped to your bed – it’s only for standalone mode.) One side of the cot features a breathable mesh panel which can be raised or lowered so that you can use it as a bassinet (as it’s not safe to leave your baby asleep in the cot in sidecar mode if you’re not in the bed next to them). I wish I’d had this for my first two babies!

Things to remember:

You need to follow the instructions for installation and proper positioning, as there are some requirements about how to set up the cot in co-sleeping mode (your mattress needs to be higher than the cot mattress, for example). Also, never leave your baby asleep in the cot when it’s in co-sleeping mode unless you’re in the bed next to him or her – if you are using it as a bassinet in standalone mode, you need to raise the side so your baby is contained. Otherwise, follow all of the usual guidelines for safe sleeping. Sleep your baby on his or her back, don’t put stuffed toys, pillows, or loose bedding in the cot, and ensure you’re safe to sleep next to your baby (no drinking, smoking, drugs).


  • Use from birth to about age six months (max baby weight 9kg)
  • Can be adapted to different types of parent beds
  • Foldable mesh side
  • Easy to use at home or away
  • Use for side-sleeping or standalone
  • Padded mattress
  • Tiltable for safe elevation of head of cot
  • Travel bag included
  • Adjustable to six height positions
  • Removeable and washable lining


When the product is used in “Side Sleeping Mode (Attached to the bed)”, before placing the baby, ensure that the connection belts are correctly hooked and tightened, the product must fit closely to the mattress of the parents and no spaces between product and adult mattress must be present. Stop using when your baby can sit, kneel, or pull itself up. Check that all locking mechanisms are engaged before using. Never leave your baby unattended in the cot when in co-sleeping mode – raise and secure the mesh side. See the instruction manual for further safety information.

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