Listen: What is a Lactogenic Diet and can it help Milk Production?

Lactation consultant and mum of five, Pinky McKay, has launched her podcast ‘Tits Up’ in World Breastfeeding Week (1st to 7th August) and in episode #2 covers The Lactogenic Diet.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this episode:

  • What is a lactogenic diet?
  • The evidence.
  • Who a lactogenic diet is helpful for.
  • What health challenges could impact milk supply.
  • The risks of not getting appropriate help for lactation issues and particularly the implications of a poor latch for feeding, and possible longer -term impacts on infant and child development?
  • Anti-lactogenic foods and myths around ‘sports drinks’.

According to Pinky, “Far too many mums are ‘broken’ by the pressure to be perfect.” Pinky sees this pressure being driven by social media and an overload of information that has women confused, striving to live up to unrealistic expectations and looking outwards for answers, instead of trusting their own intuition and powerful connections with their babies. 

As a breastfeeding expert, Pinky jokes that she has seen more tits than the late Hugh Hefner, however her podcast isn’t all about boobs. She explains, “as mums, we all have our ‘tits up’ times, and we need to laugh, cry, rage and be real about these, so we can bust the BS, superficial images of perfection that cause so much stress and anxiety to mothers about their kids, their lives and their sense of self.” “Women can feel a huge sense of relief when they see they are not ‘the only one’ just putting one foot in front of the other and hoping they don’t fall flat on their backs – tits up!”

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