Mama Review – Weleda Stretch Mark Range

We gave 10 mamas the opportunity to trial two amazing Weleda Stretchmark products, including the Body Butter and Massage Oil. All from the award-winning, multi-use Weleda range to hydrate and heal your bump, breasts, buttocks, thighs and upper legs, and hips.

Mama reviews below…

Finding time for yourself to nourish your skin (although difficult), is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your growing bump. Creating the ritual of giving yourself a few minutes in the morning and at night to connect with your baby, and hydrate and heal your skin will provide both short (relief from itchy skin) and long-term benefits (visibly reduced stretch marks).

You are in for a real treat with the Weleda Stretch Mark range, as these two products make the ultimate combination for your growing body throughout pregnancy. Both are suitable for all skin types and are made with 100% natural ingredients that are safe and nourishing. Both have a fragrance that is designed especially for pregnant women – a subtle and floral scent with rose, neroli and myrrh that is fresh, yet delicate. You can use either of these products whenever you wish, but the perfect routine is to use body butter in the morning straight after your shower, and then oil in the evening for massage as you wind down for bedtime.

A hug in a jar! Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter (RRP $32.90) absorbs quickly into the skin, is crafted with extracts of centella asiatica and crocus bulb, and is enriched with precious organic shea and cocoa butter, organic jojoba, and sunflower seed oils.

Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil (RRP $32.90) naturally improves skin elasticity to help prevent stretch marks when you massage it in regularly. It contains precious almond and organic jojoba oil, vitamin E-rich wheat germ oil and an arnica blossoms extract.

reviews: Weleda stretch mark body butter

» 100% said it was suitable for their skin type
» 90% said it was hydrating
» 80% said it absorbed quickly into their skin
» 90% said they loved the texture and consistency
» 90% said they enjoyed the fragrance
» 60% noticed improvement in the appearance of existing stretch marks after just 2 weeks
(trial period 2 weeks)

“I found that using the butter after a shower worked best and my skin felt amazing all day. I have had no itchy skin which has been incredible and found using this in the morning worked so well.” ~ Tania

“I loved following the Weleda pregnancy routine. As someone with reasonably dry skin I found the body butter absorbed fast but left my skin feeling soft and nourished. Its thick consistency was great to apply and warmed up quickly against my skin. This was great especially as it’s currently freezing in the morning. Its soft fragrance was comforting and didn’t overpower. Because of how fast it absorbed I could get dressed straight away without feeling greasy or struggling with tights. The thread on the jar made it easy to put the lid back on a tighten with newly moisturised hands.” ~ Brooke

“I really enjoy how thick the belly butter is and how it leaves my skin feeling. The scent of the products was divine, smelt really good. I found that this product has worked for me really well. I would definitely recommend this products to other pregnant mums.” ~ Claudia

“The body butter was my favourite, I really loved the texture of the butter and found it spread really well.” ~ Lisa

REviews: Weleda stretch mark Massage oil

» 100% said it was suitable for their skin type
» 100% said it was hydrating
» 80% said it absorbed quickly into their skin
» 100% said they loved the texture and consistency
» 90% said they enjoyed the fragrance
» 60% noticed improvement in the appearance of existing stretch marks after just 2 weeks
(trial period 2 weeks)

“Using the oil at night was great not only because it was nourishing, but it was nice to end the day giving my bump some love and connecting with baby that way. Would definitely recommend these products.” ~ Tania

“I love to applying the oil at night in bed. The pump applicator made it easy to apply and didn’t mean I had to fiddle around with putting the lid back on with oily fingers. I found this routine calming before bed, taking time to appreciate how my body was changing through pregnancy. The oil has a soft, calming, comforting smell which I love. It absorbs into the skin without feeling greasy.” ~ Brooke

overall thoughts

“Would recommend the Weleda duo to other pregnant mamas! Was so nice having the 2 different items to try and reduce stretch marks and was lovely to have a few minutes out of every day to take time to connect with your pepi. The scent was lovely and the butter esp dried quickly to get dressed in the morning! Both super nourishing, will buy again :)” ~ Chanelle

“I LOVE both the stretch mark oil and the body butter. I have used a number of Weleda products in the past and they have never failed me.” ~ Tania

“I normally hate putting body butter on in the morning as it feels sticky for such a long time, this product was great – didn’t feel sticky when I put on my clothes a few minutes later! I tend to have dry skin but using the body butter in the morning and the oil at night my skin is feeling great! I have a lot of stretch marks on my stomach and haven’t seen a huge difference however have only been using a few days hopefully in a week or two might see some improvement / will hopefully stop me getting anymore as this pregnancy continues. I would recommend these products to others! Thanks :)” ~ Christina

“The body balm left my skin feeling super hydrated for over 24 hrs and using the oil on too made it feel so much more luxurious especially after a warm bath! Absorbed so quickly and didn’t feel restricting like most products can do.” ~ Leilyn

“Overall my stretch marks softened and the dark purple colour faded slightly. My skin has felt a lot more cared for and not so dry and itchy. I would buy this product again and also recommend it.” ~ Brooke

“Also doing the combination of body butter in the morning then oil at night was great! If I was in a rush and missed a day or a stage then my skin still felt super hydrated and soft.” ~ Lisa

“The smell of both was good. Skin did feel soft and smooth after applying before things morning and night.” ~ Claire

“I loved the routine of using the body butter in the morning and the oil in the evening. I felt it gave me a much needed self-care routine in my day and an excuse to stop, slow down and connect with my growing baby (and bump!). I loved that the body butter seemed to keep hydrating my skin throughout the day. For both products a little seemed to go a long way so I felt the size of the product was generous. My only comment came from my midwife who said that the doppler can’t easily get past the body butter to hear the baby’s heartbeat! She wanted me to pass that feedback on. Thanks for including us in the trial, it has been really lovely and I’ll be using both products for the rest of my pregnancy and my recovery post-partum.” ~ Katie

“I love both products they left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth morning and night it’s become part of my daily routine to apply them. I will continue to purchase these products as I believe there helping a lot and the smell is divine and not over powering which I also love! I absolutely will be recommending these products to friends that are expecting as I’m sure they will love them as much as I do!” ~ Keely

“I really loved using the products and will continue to use throughout my pregnancy. There are no new stretch marks on my belly with this pregnancy. I found the products very nourishing and left my belly and back feeling soft and moisturised.” ~ Claudia

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