Hop into a Hyundai Hybrid… you can thank us later

There’s no two ways around it, children may be tiny people, but they take up quite a lot of space. And the only place you will be in and out of multiple times during each and every day  – for baby classes and appointments, school and daycare trips, extracurricular activities and supermarket runs – is your car.

The Hyundai Sante Fe Hybrid can only be described as the perfect family vehicle. Large enough to fit two car seats easily across the back seat, plus two extra big kids on the one-touch flat folding seats in the third row, there’s no excuse not to add another baby to your tribe!

Plus, there are all the extras that every parent needs to make life, well, simply easier.

Wireless phone charging and touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility mean that Peppa Pig’s classic tunes can be on-repeat as you use maps on your screen to navigate your way to the latest kid activity.

The USBs in the back are perfect for those long car trips which require each child to be occupied with their own device without the threat of a flat battery, and the built-in sunshades on the back windows will keep the glare out of their eyes (or off their screens!).

And for the parents, there is the option of heated or air ventilated front seats to keep you toasty warm or nice and cool, a panoramic glass sunroof, leather seats (for easily-removable snack spillages), and heads-up display where your speed and navigation directions are projected onto the windscreen – no speeding tickets for you! Plus, the gigantic boot can fit a pram, portacot and all your shopping without any effort. Speaking of shopping, the Smart Power Tailgate will sense your handless dilemma and open without you having to put a single bag down – how good!

And best of all, it’s a hybrid! The combination of a petrol and electric motor means you can save on petrol without having to plug-in. You can get up to 1000kms on a tank, so you and your family can appreciate the savings and fewer visits to the petrol station. Hyundai also has included all the latest safety and convenience features with their SmartSense technology – including blind spot view cameras, activated by the use of the turn indicator during lane changes – to ensure your whole family is looked after.

Smooth, smart, safe and stunning to look at – what more do you need in a car?

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